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We believe that building your dream home should be an exciting and rewarding experience.

With Troy Miller Custom Homes it will be.



We will make every effort to ensure that the time building your home will be gratifying and invigorating, the perfect beginning to life in your dream home. We place our undivided attention on you, the customer, listening to your concerns, focusing on your desires and anticipating your needs through out the building process. We are convinced that daily inspections of craftsmanship are paramount during the building process. Therefore, we will be on location every day to inspect all work to ensure the utmost quality.


Our team is always available to assist in making decisions, as well as offering suggestions to guarantee that your custom home will far exceed your expectations. Rest assured that we will be at hand throughout the entire building process, ready to assist, each step of the way.


We will make the journey to your dream home a delight.

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