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Client Testimonials

Josh & Brittany Dodson

My wife and I had been planning to build our dream home for a couple of years.  Over that time, we began to follow local custom builders from afar to see who we would use when the time came.  It became very evident that Troy Miller Custom Homes was going to be our choice.  We were so confident that we didn't talk to any other builders.  We noticed his houses stood out from the rest and we wanted our home to be unique and fit our lifestyle.  Troy did a great job of guiding us through the whole process while being completely transparent and honest.  Building a custom home can certainly be overwheliming with all the decisions to make, but Troy and Cory were there to steer us in the right direction.  Everyone that sees our house comments on the quality of craftsmanship and the overall detail throughout.  We smile every time we pull into the driveway and we couldn't be happier with Troy Miller Custom Homes.  Thanks Troy and Cory!


The Dodson Family

Steve & Patty Cowan

We relocated to Sherman, TX in early 2010. Our plan was to spend an initial period of time leasing a residence, thereby affording us the opportunity to become more acquainted with the area, in order to determine where we wanted to build our permanent home. We actually leased a property owned by Troy in the O’Hanlon Addition, and immediately became very impressed with the neighborhood and, more specifically, with the quality of home that he built. Shortly thereafter, we signed a contract for Troy to construct our new home, to be located just down the street from the property we were leasing.


During the next several months, as we followed the building process, we found Troy to be extremely conscientious in his oversight of the entire process. He was always very responsive when we had any questions or needed to discuss any aspect of the project. We have been extremely pleased with the finished product and have no hesitation in providing Troy with the highest of recommendations for anyone considering the construction of a new home. We have received many compliments from various friends and relatives with regard to the quality of construction and attention to detail evident in our home.

Daniel & Julie Walters

My wife and I purchased a house in Sherman in late 2012. We ended up buying the house that Troy and his family were living in at the time. Troy had built the home in 2009. I was impressed with the level of attention to detail that had clearly been given to many aspects of the home's design. A good friend of mine is an architect at HKS in downtown Dallas; when he and his wife came to visit us at our new home in Sherman for the first time, he also was very impressed with the house. I remember him repeatedly pointing out small things in the house that impressed him. Up until that point, I had never been able to put my finger on those details but hearing him explain the concept behind a number of the home's features did help clarify why my wife and I liked the house so much before we decided to buy. Based on my experience, I recommend anyone looking at building a home to talk to Troy.-- Daniel E. Walter, CPA, CGMA

Tim Morris

We had been planning our dream home in our minds for a few years, so when it came time to fulfill this dream, we were lucky to have Troy as our builder. Troy has a knack for letting us plan and design our home, giving us freedom to select all of the unique structure and finishes that we had imagined, and suggesting things that only a seasoned builder would consider. He kept a careful eye out during the whole process, and gave valuable advice at every turn. We have been in our home for a month or so, and every evening we sit together, look around us, and with contentment and pride, say "I love our home". Thank you, Troy!

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